• Fundraising


    BL PTFA raise thousands of pounds each year to spend

    on projects for the school. This money can purchase

    enhancements to the children's learning and development;

    anything that governmental funding cannot provide.

  • Projects


    The PTFA have contributed to many school projects over the last few years.

    Playground equipment such as the tyre park, the blackboard, play bicycles

    and the climbing walls. Laptops and library books.

Welcome to the PTFA

Here at the Bishop Lonsdale PTFA, our primary aim is to raise funds for projects for the school. We have a fun time doing it!

Summer and Winter Fairs

Each year, the PTFA arrange two fairs, one in Summer and one on the run up to Christmas. They are great fun, and a wonderful opportunity to meet parents and teachers.

The fairs are a great fundraising opportunity, we are able to help the school with many projects due the the success of these events.

Behind the scenes

A lot of hard work goes into the fundraising efforts of the PTFA, and there is a continual need for help with our many projects.

If you are able to and interested in helping out, we would value your support. Every person's contribution is valued, either with small tasks or some of the more central roles. If you can help, complete the contact form, or speak to your PTFA class representative.

Some of our recent fundraising projects

We try really hard with our fundraising efforts and have been really successful.
From summer and winter fairs to clothes donations, we have put together some great events.
Have a look below at some of our most recent projects, or see the full (and growing) list!

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Winter Fair 2016
View Project
Afternoon Tea - Autumn 2016
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Ice cream sales

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To help out our friends at Scouts, we are advertising the Family Quiz Night, see the PDF for details.

Help us to help our school.

We are all in this together. Your school needs your help. Together we can help to improve the school, purchase educational materials, expand school areas, provide playground equipment, and help the children maximise their potentials.

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